1001+ Cambodian Weddings And Gifts Ideas

Traditional Cambodian Bronze Buddhist Statue Decorations As A Wedding Gift Idea

Weddings are very important events in a Cambodian family. Rural (or modern too) Cambodians often use the matchmakers ( a kind of intelligent man) and have arranged the marriages, while city kids increasingly (highly) choose love matches. For women, at least — and the divorce, while, which is easy to obtain, is really uncommon. Most Khmer (Cambodian) young people marry before an age of 25, and women (say girls) in the provinces often get married as teenagers only. Traditional weddings, the gift is must there.

A traditional wedding is really a complicated and very expensive affair that can go on for very many days, requiring super-multiple intricate outfits and lots and lots of early morning wake-up calls. A wedding usually(often) lasts three days, with (many of them could differ) many different ceremonies relating to ancient mythological Khmerologica (Cambodian) stories that are done in a specific way to join the bride and groom (couple) in matrimony. Some of the weddings can last a week! While others could be only a day long, determined usually by the wealth of the parties that are involved. And yes, never forget to gift ’em.

Cambodian wedding gifts

Even if people do not know any Cambodians when they first arrive, they will find that they are often invited tore the weddings. Unlike the Western weddings, where the guest lists are very closely monitored, Cambodians ( Khmer people) will often invite everyone and sundry to their wedding song (including neighbours), hoping to make their affair as giant and impressive as possible in their money.

Some Cambodian gifts for bride and groom from Amazon:

If you’re invited to a Khmer or Cambodian wedding, with your general invitation you will be given an impressive envelope in which you have to put the cash gift you are expected to give to the happy couple to help the defray the wedding’s enormous(huge) cost. Give according to your means and thinkings; the average gift, usually from a foreigner is around $20, but give much more if the bride or groom is your well-known employee or a close friend. On entering the reception ceremony, you may be surprised to find the eagle-eyed mother-in-law extremely watching the reception table, always writing down all the names of all of the guests or foreigner and the amount that they have given. It is noticing the greed that dictates thus the type of behaviour; rather, they want to totally make sure they know what is the appropriate amount that is to be given when you invite them to your own wedding later down the paper’s line.

Khmer Wedding Gift Procession on Youtube

Gift ideas

It could be possible that people give money, as said-20$ or alternative. But there are still other gifts which you can buy in a Cambodian wedding ceremony. Like- a dress, which could be colourful or better. The dress people should give as a gift should be similar to those of the couples. This could be the best gift for everyone (rather, if someone gives more money). People, often going to weddings pay more than 20$ as the cost of food and service they get, that is too high to give 20$.

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