The Most Important Things To Know About Cambodian (Khmer) Traditional Wedding Dresses

Young Khmer Bride In Pink Traditional Cambodian Wedding Dress

The Khmer  couple  usually  wear matching traditional wedding dress,  brightly-colored silk full costumes, and can have a good wedding party (with groomsmen and bridesmaids) wearing similar colours (at each wedding, people usually have 3 attendants). Each ceremony has its own colour and beauty scheme, so when the wedding party has to change their outfits in between each of ceremony. For the bride, it usually means to change her hairstyle and jewellery (lots and lots of gold!) as well as the dress each time. Although colours and designs differ widely, people believe the outfits are tend to get more and more elaborate with each ceremony, culminating (gold is often) in an opulent all-gold silk outfit in order to represent the couple being royal.

Traditional Cambodian Wedding dress

Cambodian wedding’s one of the most important things is their dresses. A Cambodian wedding comprises of many different ceremonies, lots and lots of music, a dinner banquet(usually hall), gifts, and, of course, many people! Guests are surely encouraged to not only spectate the things but also become involved in each one of the ceremonies since an emcee (MC) or host is guiding everyone along with his commentary and instructions (and usually lots of comedy and teasing also). Music and songs that are performed on traditional and historical instruments and gongs each of signals with the arrival of the couple in each part of the wedding ceremony. There are usually (not usually metals!) silver or gold trays, along with candles, lots of flowers, fresh of fruit, and other good decorations that take place on the floor or a table just in front of the bride and the groom. The families and wedding (important one) guests usually sit on the floor round the couple, filling whatever space they can (as these ceremonies are purely held at the bride’s family residence and the space is really limited).

Cambodian traditional wedding dresses to buy:

For couples



Couples should surely buy silk clothed dress or say attire. Silk clothes in Cambodiam mythology is a symbol of truth. The silk cloth should be very fine, good quality and colourful. It should also have a proper fine end line finish. The bottom part of a girl couple should be of a different colour, such that it looks good. The male couple should have a colourful and shiny appearance. That is also a reason to have silk clothes. It is very important to have a good costume type:
Males– A long shirt with Kurta(a long sleeve shirt with shiny appearance of silk.)
Females-A long saree(something like a long cloth tied) of silk cloth.

For guests



Guest usually wear Traditional Khmer dresses of any style. Cambodian wedding guest dresses can be a suit. Or any western style. Cambodian dresses for guests to buy are:
Males-The dress could be as same as the male couple or can wear suites. Suit is preferred for the guests to wear.
Females-The dress could be as same as the couple’s female. These dresses are only preferred for Cambodians to buy.

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