The Most Interesting And Unusual Cambodian Marriage Rituals

Khmer Marriage Rituals

Traditional Khmer marriage rituals are common in Cambodia. Cambodian marriages – one of the most non-simple marriage. It is similar to Indian marriages. It consists of lots of loud noise, or say, music. There, at the wedding, people cannot even hear their own voices. The wedding and marriages are mostly forced. The children have to pay back what their parents have already granted to them. Like, marrying a good girl (in boy’s cases) and vice versa for the girls. Boy’s age for a wedding is 18-25 years. That means child marriage. But for girls, it is 16-23 years. Yes, it sometimes can be bad too. If a boy likes the girl he has seen. His parents would probably arrange his marriage with the girls family. There are also many rituals performed. Such as dance, sports. Nowadays, wedding rejections are tolerated by their parents. But some do not. 80 percent of Cambodians are Buddhist. 1 percent are Muslims, and the rest are Christians. Wedding rituals also take place, that is  a tradition.

Traditional Cambodian marriages are often done in great population. That is their main attraction. Everything is performed for a large amount. Food and sweets too. There is freedom for the boys to remarry, but not for the girls who are restricted. In their tradition, girls could not shout or cry during working. Parents restrict these things. Mostly, girls are protesting with their traditions.

Birth of a child is a happy moment for a Cambodian family. A woman who dies in childbirth and crosses the river – Chhlonge- is said to be having the evil spirit. Death is not taken as a great outpouring for the families. It is said that an end of a life will be better taken as a birth for another. Dead bodies are washed, dressed and then are placed in coffins.

Rituals in marriage

  • Cambodian wedding Rituals like cutting hair, tying a cotton thread, soaked in holy water,etc. These are some commonly performed rituals in a Cambodian family.
  • Cambodian ‘Pinpeat’ is a traditional festival performed in both of the families. (The boy’s and the girl’s). It is performed in the pagodas (A type of temple tower). It is performed in a court. That is often used for ritual occasions or theatrical events. The ritual consists of events that are primarily made up of: the roneat , roneat ek, kong vong.


Traditional Cambodian Dance Rituals

Dances in Cambodian marriages are also performed. Khmer(Cambodian) is the primary dance that is widely performed in all parts of Cambodia. It is one of the classicals. Apsara dance that took birth in Ankora era is also widely performed round the fires. Usually, the girls perform these. Just look at this Youtube Khmer Traditional Dance at Wedding Party in Cambodia. It is Awesome!

There are also some traditions and rituals performed after marriages

  • Death is not outpouring. The Cambodians do not get stricken on someone’s death. Their thought is that if someone dies. He/she dies for another birth as mentioned above.
  • Wrestling is performed after the wedding in an event. It is a real traditional ritual mostly performed by the boy(wedding) or by another boy. There are usually 4 or 5 rounds. With 2-4 minutes break after each fight.
    After all these forces and rituals, girls do not intend to run away nowadays, as the society is developing.

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