The Most Known Khmer Wedding Traditions

Cambodian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

When Khmer wedding traditions want to take place, all men and women always wise to have prospective partners who know and love each other. Marriage preparation is very necessary to confirm that both are now married and will take care of them until death.

The Khmer wedding traditions are very meaningful for each as it who persuade their tradition and the acts of the country. In other part countries, they have different styles weddings depending on each country local tradition, religion, and culture. Cambodia also has different weddings culture depending on the family’s culture tradition, culture, and religion too.

Wedding Ceremony Traditions of Past Time

In the past, Cambodian marriage traditions lasted for three days. The bride and groom can’t decide to pick someone that he/she loves by themselves. The couple only follows their parents’ decision.
If both families have agreed already, parents must be careful in finding the best date for the wedding of their sons and daughters. This time is valuable as it brings good luck and harmony for the couple.

Modern Cambodian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

Presently, Khmer wedding ceremony is only celebrated for only one day and a half. The wedding ceremony is celebrated at the bride’s house.
After the blessing, they have to prepare 36 different kinds of fruits, meats, and, Khmer cakes. Also, there will be a lot of various types of flowers on display. Early morning, the traditional Khmer songs will start to play.

The bride has two or three bridesmaids behind her, and she has to be patient for the groom that will come with the 36 fruits to her house.
Khmer wedding traditions has many activities to end it which are:
Preah Thoung Taung Sbey Neang Neak, that is a Khmer scarf which is personally made for the bride to wears, and the groom has to hold up, so it doesn’t touch the floor.

Bach Juk Pley Cher, which is the celebration of the bride given the fruit to the groom to eat and likewise the groom do the same thing to the bride.
Kat Sork, is the way of close friends and family relations that cut a piece of hair from the bride and groom.

Modern Cambodian wedding ceremony traditions Now in the evening time, both of them will have a fantastic party at the bride’s place or a hall. At the room, the couple will have to sit at the front to welcome everybody that is incoming which are the guests to their wedding reception. And, the two of them usually have a small gift for the guests who assist their marriage. And also, the bride and groom will need to change wears many times. During the party, there are delicious foods, fresh fruits, singing, and dancing.

Many wedding ceremonies have to take the Western practice of a different cake and then slicing the pie. Before the cake can be cut, many wedding invites will throw flowers to support of their wishes to the new couple. When the case has been cut, the couple will also throw a bunch of flowers to their back at the guests. At times this flower will have some amount of money in a red pocket. And at times the bride will throw the flower to a particular girl who is about to get married. Then after these events, there is drinking and dancing around the center stand of fruit.

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