The Most Popular South African Wedding Rings That Will Make You Happy


South Africa has the biggest diamond processing industry in Africa, the result of the countless hours of hard work and determination of a very enterprising few and creative genius that never give up to create an industry that can be reckoned with across the globe, this article will be giving a run down of three lines of south African wedding rings; Sterns, Bhenki, and wooden African wedding rings. Enjoy.

South African Wood Wedding Rings

Wood wedding  rings are a great screen of natural charm! So, for couples looking for environmentally friendly rings,  wood wedding bands are the ideal choice.
In addition to environment-friendly attributes – and a lot of gorgeousness – they can be formed into a range of designs utilising a variety of vibrant woods. They can consist of plain wood bands, braided patterns, and vibrant inlay styles. Wood engagement rings and bands can even be set with gems and centre diamonds.

Sterns Jewellery

Austrian immigrant, Joseph Stern established this business from the hayday when he opened the very first Sterns store in Johannesburg in 1896, and has been functioning delivering on of the best jewellery shop in South Africa ever since these are some ideas from the Sterns diamonds establishment.

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Physical Address: Stanley Lewis Centre 340 Voortrekker Road Parow East, 7500 Cape Town South Africa
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