The Secret Tips How to Plan a Traditional Cambodian Wedding

Bride With Her Bridesmaids Dressed In Traditional Cambodian Attire
A Traditional Cambodian Wedding  usually makes up for three days of ceremonies and celebrations. The three days means the three jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, Dhamma (teachings of Buddha) and Sangha (brotherhood of monks). Modern Cambodian weddings will sometimes condense these ceremonies into a day. Read on for a helpful planning way to help you incorporate these traditional ways into your approaching Cambodian wedding.

Things You will Need  To Plan a Traditional Cambodian Wedding

Traditional Cambodian Wedding

Traditional Cambodian Wedding

• Invitations
• Checklist
• Calendar for bride and groom
• Wedding outfits
• Fruit, dessert, gift platters
• Candles and matches
• Colorful ribbon

Let’s Open Our Wedding Planner:

Choose three good days for your traditional Cambodian wedding, at least starting from six months in advance that will make it, in general, for all family. Usually, a weekend is good. Consider inviting relative family to the first two days of events and allowing invitations for the deal day of the wedding ceremony and celebration on the three days to friends.
Look with your priest and know that he is available to be in and perform the many wedding ceremonies held at the three days. Also, if you are keeping the Blessing of the Monks ceremony, always be sure at least three monks will be available.

Have a list of guests from the in-law’s family and make your list of everyone you may invite. Sit down with them and pare down the list till you are comfortable with the number of VIP guests. Have it in mind that Cambodian wedding ceremonies are traditionally holding in the bride’s parents’ house, so remember that all those guests will fit into that pre-wedding location.

Look a venue of marriage if you wish to hold the end marriage ceremony and celebration in another location. Order wedding invitations; make sure your invitation wording reflects the time the guests are allowed to spend witnessing your wedding.
Make referrals from friends or look for a local Cambodian player to play throughout the three days wedding celebration, since traditional music is an integral part of any Cambodian wedding.

Khmer Cambodian Bride On Wedding Ceremony Photo

Khmer Cambodian Bride On Wedding Ceremony Photo

Purchase or borrow traditional wedding outfits for the groom and bride. Typically, the groom and bride undergo several wardrobe changes before every ceremony, so decide how many outfits you need for your wedding.
Look a caterer who based in traditional Cambodian food that will cook all three days and can provide specific food for each ceremony and celebration. If the caterer which you employ doesn’t make wedding cakes, then call one from your local bakery; make sure to taste your own first. Also, buy or borrow wedding materials, such as ceremonial and traditional scissors, ribbons, candles, string and bowls that will be necessary for each ceremony.
Purchase flowers from your town florist and make sure you will get jasmine flowers and garlands for the last marriage ceremony.
Write all of your vendors and their details in a notebook. Also, write down everything about your wedding and create a checklist beneath each aspect, so you know, come the big day, you have not forgotten anything.

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Tips & Warnings, You Should Never Forger:

If you need to honor your Cambodian heritage, you should choose a few special ceremonies to look for your union. If you plan to invite family and few relative friends to the first two days of celebrations, and everyone else to the final wedding ceremony, then only word your invitations inviting guests to the closing ceremony, then insert a card requesting individual guest’s presence during the first two days. These traditional Cambodian colors include bright gold’s and reds, so incorporate these into your decorating scheme and into the flowers you choose.

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