8 Traditional Cambodian Wedding Ceremonies

Paring Ceremony On Khmer Wedding

Cambodian marriage ceremony is long and intricate affairs that consist of more ceremonies and songs. Examples of the Cambodian wedding ceremony programs used at two different Khmer weddings to assist in explain to visitors some of the traditions and meanings behind the ways activities and performances that take effect. The fact is that regional and personal changes in wedding ceremonies do exist, both these Cambodian wedding ceremony programs detail the key elements of traditional Khmer weddings.
Bride and groom are blessed by devada (angels) at the time of Cambodian wedding hair cutting ceremony
The Cambodian traditional wedding ceremony consists of ceremonies and celebrations activities which lasting 3 days and 3 nights. Three is considered to be a particularly auspicious number by Cambodians because of its group with the “three jewels” of Buddhism: the Dhamma (the Buddha’s teachings) and the Buddha, the Sangha (brotherhood of monks). Because of the demands of new day life, however, the day both in Cambodia and overseas, all the next modern Cambodian wedding ceremony usually ends in just a day.

Presentation Of Dory

Chambak Rouy
A negotiation between the matchmakers, relatives, friends and parents of the bride and groom in which the groom’s family and friends officially available the dowry gifts to the bride’s family.

Cambodian weddings ceremony begin with the groom and his family going on a journey to the bride’s home carrying gifts to the bride’s family as dowry. Family members and friends are identified, and wedding rings exchanged. Different three traditional songs follow the presentation of dowry:

Arrival of the Groom

Neay Pream He Kaun Kamlas
A song explaining the history of the groom and his family’s ways to the bride’s house carrying meats, pastries, fruits, desserts and drinks of every variety to be there on the wedding day.
Presenting the Dowry

Inviting the Elders to Chew Betel Nut

Pak Paeuk Pisa Sla
Giving the betel nut to the married elders. In exchange, parents of both the bride and groom ask for glory and well-wishes for their children.

Cambodian Tea Ceremony

A Cambodian marriage tradition practiced by Cambodians of Chinese descent in which the couple offers Cambodian wedding tea ceremony to the spirits of their ancestors.

The cambodian buddhist wedding ceremony is very hopeful for each of individual’s life who follows their cambodian wedding tea ceremony and the laws of the country. That is why this service is carefully dealt with concerning to picking the date which is believed to come up luck and harmony for the people’s lives and starting new families. Some parents do not allow their kids to marry in the rain season and some hold on to it for two years after the engagement ceremony but of the fortune telling.

Cambodian Hair Cutting Ceremony

To prepare the couple for their life as a groom and bride, their hair is symbolically cut, giving a fresh start to their new relationship together as a couple. The master of ceremony performs the first symbolic haircut and wishes the couple happiness, longevity, and prosperity. The couple’s parents, relatives, and friends then take a turn to cut the bride and groom’s hair symbolically and give them blessings and well-wishes. (In the old days, the bride and groom’s hair were cut during this ceremony, but in modern times it is only done symbolically.) Two songs accompany this service:

The Beautiful Cardinal Bird

Sarika Keiv Vong
The bride’s beauty is decorated and compared to that of the beautiful cardinal bird.

The Village Pond

Trapeang Peiy
This song explains a pond with clear water where the bride was brought to take her bath. It also symbolizes the bride and groom are working together in starting their new life as wife and husband.

Pairing Ceremony

In this entire and most memorable chapter of the wedding, friends and family members, tie the couple’s left and right wrists with blessing strings. The praises and well-wishes of good health, happiness, prosperity, success and everlasting love are acknowledged and witnessed by the excellent sound of the gong and joyful cheer. Cambodian wedding traditions who pays concludes with a shower of palm flowers thrown over the new couple. Four songs accompany this service:
Phat Cheay
A melody is inviting the bride, accompanied by her bridesmaids, to the pairing ceremony. A distinguished female relative leads the bride into the room.
Kang Saeuy
A melody is accompanying the offering of gifts to the ancient spirits and requesting for their blessings.

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